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Roaring 20's Flapper Fairy Fanny!

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Fanny, as you can probably tell, is a Flapper and she's all set to dance!  She wears a dress of silver mesh with a black bow and straps.  Her hair is done in the style of the 1920s and her crown is a Sterling silver ring with little onyx stones.  Her necklace is made of old black glass beads as are her ear "bobs".  Her hand-made, hand-painted butterfly wings complement her silver and black all hand-made dress, right down to her silver shoes.

Anybody wanna do the Charleston?

Fairy Princess Fanny is a hand-painted porcelain fairy doll, approximately 6" tall with a wingspan of 4 1/2".  She is a stunning, one of a kind work of art by the artist JoAnnJ of Galleria d'Juliani, and is hand-signed by the artist.

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