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Mermaid Minnie on her Genuine Trumpet Shell

Princess Minnie is a porcelain miniature doll with a hand formed and hand painted mermaid tail.  She wears her Princess of the Sea pearl crown and tiny, tiny hand applied pearl jewelry.  Her beautiful hair is a deep chocolate brown.

She's a cheerful little mermaid resting on a fabulous trumpet sea shell.  I wonder if she crawls into it at night to sleep?

She is about 6" long from head to foot, er, tail, and her trumpet shell is about 8" long and 4" wide.  She is a beautiful, one of a kind work of art by the artist JoAnnJ of Galleria d'Juliani, and is hand signed by the artist.

crystal-640-m-front1.jpg (38297 bytes) crystal-640-m-front1.jpg (38297 bytes)
crystal-640-m-front1.jpg (38297 bytes)

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