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Fairy Princess Noel by JoAnnJ

Fairy Princess Noel is all decked out for a sleigh ride in her beautiful metal glittered sleigh!  She is wearing her designer velvet coat with faux bunny fur and three rhinestone buttons.  Her coat is non-removable, but underneath, she is wearing a pleated chiffon dress with gold lace and lace pantaloons.  Her faux fur hat goes with her coat, and her shiny princess tiara is affixed to her hat.  In her left hand, she holds her gold glitter wand.  Her outfit is all hand-designed and hand-sewn.  Her gorgeous wings are in the colors of the holidays and are hand-made and hand-painted.  Merry Christmas!

Fairy Princess Noel is approx. 4.5" tall and has a wingspan of 4".  Her metal sleigh is 6"long and 3.25" high.  Like all JoAnnJ creations, she is a one-of-a-kind work of art and is signed by the artist.  She comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.




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