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Fairy Princess Opalina on Uno, her Unicorn

From the fairy kingdom comes lovely Opalina on her beautiful, mythical unicorn, Uno.   Opalina is attired for a fairy ball and faithful Uno is ready to take her there.

Opalina is wearing a handmade dress of shiny opalescent fabric with matching pantaloons.  Her tiny feet are clad in glittering slippers with a tiny lavender rose on each.  Her handmade wings also glimmer with a faint tint of lavender.  She is bedazzling in all her fairy jewelry.

Uno is groomed for a formal occasion, with pink bows in his mane and with his tail topped by a tiny lavender hand rolled rose.  He is wearing his finest jewelled bridle and other fine accoutrements.

Opalina can be removed from Uno when she wants to walk (or fly) - she is only held by a bit of Velcro.

Opalina is about 6" tall and has a wingspan of 41/4".  Uno stands 8" tall to the tip of his single horn, and is 6" long from horn to tail.  Opalina and Uno define beautiful art, and are a unique work by the artist JoAnnJ of Galleria d'Juliani.  They are hand signed by the artist.

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