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Fairy Princess Stardust in her Champagne Glass

Some fairies want to be teachers, some fairies want to be nurses.

And some fairies want to be Las Vegas showgirls, and that is exactly what Princess Stardust is.   She wears her showgirl costume of hand beaded lace - each tiny pearl and bead has been sewn on.  The beads are also strung as fringe around her waist.  She is bedecked in fairy jewelry, which is appropriate for a showgirl fairy and she dances in her high-heel slippers.

Her handmade and hand painted butterfly wings are fantasy wings to complement her Vegas costume.  She poses in a gorgeous collectible long stemmed champagne glass that glitters with many diamond cuts and etching.  She rests on Aurora Borealis glass marbles.

She is a mere 5" tall including her showgirl feathers and has a wingspan of 41/2".  She is a stunning, one of a kind work of art by the artist JoAnnJ of Galleria d'Juliani, and is hand signed by the artist.

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