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Rochard Crummles Enamel Boxes

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The box is shaped from a thin sheet of pure copper, giving it its desired appearance: round, oval or any other shape that the design will call for. Layer upon layer of enamel is first applied and fired at high temperature to fuse the copper with the enamel until a fine glazed finish is accomplished.  Each box is enameled at least three times.

An outline transfer or black outline decal is applied to the enamel and fired onto the surface.  Then, painters skillfully apply the specially mixed colors entirely by hand.  This step can take as little as an hour, and as much as several days, depending on the complexity of the design and the desired appearance.  It takes several years for a painter to master his or her skills.  Each Crummles box bears the initials of the artist that painted it, giving each small treasure a true sign of authenticity.

One the painting is completed, the bezel and hinge made from brass and soldered with silver are hand fitted to the box.  This charming work of art is finally set in its special green box, made exclusively for Rochard.

Each box measures 1 3/4" wide.

Rochard Crummles Cat
$91  Item #4042
Rochard Crummles Dog and Bear
$91  Item #4045
Rochard Crummles Duck
$91  Item #4043
Rochard Crummles Frog
$91  Item #4039
Rochard Crummles Tiger Cub
$91  Item #4044
Rochard Crummles Mouse on Leaf
$91  Item #4040

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