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The Limoges Lovers is a heretofore secret guild known only to GroundStrike's best customers.

Membership is automatic for customers who have purchased a total of $1000 or more from GroundStrike.  The benefits of the Limoges Lovers begin after the qualifying purchase.

Membership is also automatic, and begins immediately, when a customer makes a single purchase of $1000 or more.  The benefits of the Limoges Lovers will apply to that purchase.

Best of all, your membership never expires!  Once you are a GroundStrike Limoges Lover, you're always a member.

Members are issued a membership code (your email address, all in lower case) to use in the online shopping cart.  This code must be used when placing an order online or by phone;  otherwise your benefits will not be applied.  If you misplace your code, try your current and previous email addresses, in lower case.  If you cannot get it to work, no problem... write a note in the "Special Instructions" box to notify us you're a Limoges Lover, and we'll apply your discount.  We'll also send your code with your paper invoice for your future use. 

Limoges Lovers rewards begin with a discount of 10% on all purchases.  This discount applies to all Limoges boxes, except items already on sale or specially-marked items.  The 10% discount even applies to special orders!  In most cases, during sales, your Limoges Lovers code will provide a better discount.

Limoges Lovers will receive our newsletter before the rest of our mailing list, so they will be the first to know about special offers, and their discount coupons will be valid for a longer time.  They will have the first opportunity to purchase items in limited supply.

GroundStrike Collectibles appreciates your loyalty, and we want to keep you a happy customer!

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