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The city of Limoges has been known for its designs and art works since the twelfth century, but porcelain, as we know it today, was not created there until 1771, three years after the discovery of Kaolin, one of the key ingredients in porcelain.  As soon as this unique white chalk was found in the Limousin region, the first Limoges factory began under the direction of the Comte d'Artois, until the king of France himself assumed its direction in 1784.  Limoges porcelain, which was known to the Nobles as Porcelaine royale, was heartily collected by members of the King's count and most popular among the French aristocracy.  The porcelain has known several changes but its recipe is authentic and intact, and its mythical tradition has been passed on to our present time due to the work of such artists and pioneers as the Count Jean-Pierre Olivier de Chazal and the Countess Anny Marie Louise de Chazal.

The Count and Countess de Chazal founded Chanille in April of 1966 in Paris, France.  What started out as a small shop in the heart of Paris, continued as a life long journey to research and expand the art of design as the French have done for centuries.  It is this experience and this savoir-faire (know-how) that Mr. and Mrs. de Chazal brought to the United States in the late 1980's.  Even though Chanille is now located in the United States, its manufacturing takes place in Limoges and Paris, France.  After nearly 35 years, Mr. and Mrs. de Chazal are still head of the company and of the creative department.  They constantly seek new shapes and designs to accommodate the needs of their customers.  The porcelain and the painting of the Limoges boxes is done by a team of artists and painters in Limoges.  The clasp (including the metal part that surrounds the box itself) is made in Paris by another team of artists.  The many and complicated stages in the making of a Chanille Limoges box are what makes our quality in the shape, the painting, and the clasp, the very best on the market.  Here at Chanille, we take pride in continuing the great tradition of the kings and the art of making beauty.

All Chanille boxes are hand-painted, numbered and signed by the artists.

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