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We stock the boxes we sell, so we inspect each one personally - we don't have our suppliers "drop ship" orders!

9. We sell only Genuine Limoges Boxes - no fakes or other "collectible" boxes!
8. We were the first (and still the best) Limoges boxes only retailer on the internet!
7. We will ship directly to your friend or loved one and include a gift card with your sentiments printed inside!
6. We have gift certificates that let the recipient decide what they really want!
5. We have a Limoges Lovers discount for our best customers!
4. We use a dedicated server computer that serves the GroundStrike web site exclusively!
3. We use our own SSL secure server and PGP encryption to protect your credit card transactions!
2. We have 28 years experience buying and selling Limoges boxes, and we've been on the internet since 1996!
  ...and the Number 1 Reason...
1. We have the Most Loyal customers!  Be sure to read our Customer Testimonials!

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