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Artoria Limoges Box
Artoria Sea Turtle Limoges Box
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This box is part of Artoria's Endangered Species Collection. Artoria will donate 10% of the sales proceeds of the Endangered Species Collection to three conservations groups: Rainforest Foundation, Wildlife Conservation Society and Tanzania Wildlife Fund. There are eight species of sea turtles in the world, and all of them are listed as either endangered or threatened. These marine reptiles are found primarily in tropical or temperate seas throughout the world. They generally do not travel on land except when the females nest and lay their eggs, returning to the same beaches year after year. Development of coastal areas has had a serious impact on sea turtle populations. A number of steps have been implemented to protect these animals from harm, including the creation of new wildlife refuges, protection of nests against poachers, and fisherman's trawling nets that permit sea turtles to escape without getting trapped. Additionally, the U.S. and 115 other countries have banned the import or export of sea turtle products such as tortoise shell bracelets, hair combs, entire shells and other items. This is a beautifully painted turtle. Each detail on the shell and legs are meticulously defined, and even the underside is painted. The clasp is a turtle and there is a tiny porcelain egg tucked inside. The box is marked Artoria Peint Main, Limoges France and is signed and numbered by the artist. Approximate size is 3 x 1 inches.


Artoria Sea Turtle Limoges Box
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