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My Music Video Discount!

Hi Limoges Lovers!

My professional passion is Limoges boxes.  I've been dealing with Limoges boxes since 1980, when my wife and I first became enamored of the intricate little art boxes.  I bought a little cat Limoges box in an antique store, and for the following 38 years our collection grew from that one box to, quite literally, over a thousand boxes.  We started GroundStrike Collectibles in 1996 and were the very first only-Limoges boxes retailer on the internet.

As some of you know, my amateur passion is recording songs.  While the two passions are quite diverse, I've always wanted to find a way to combine the two.  So I've come up with a way to promote my music video, while providing a benefit to my customers in the form of a sweet discount.

Yes, I believe this is called bribery.  Or extortion.  I'm not sure which.

So here's the deal... for a limited time, you can earn a 15%, 20%, or even a 25% discount coupon on one Limoges box just by making a little effort.  It will take you just 3 minutes and 44 seconds (the actual time of the video) to earn it!

  1. To earn a 15% discount coupon, just watch the video.
  2. To earn a 20% discount coupon, click here to watch the video on YouTube, and "like" it (thumbs up) and leave a (hopefully nice) comment there. (note: you'll need a YouTube account to be able to "thumbs up" or comment on a video)
  3. To earn a 20% discount coupon, watch the video, and then share the video to your friends on Facebook. You can find links to social media sharing under the video on the YouTube page.  The shortened URL for the video is http://youtu.be/jTOuOoeJG7M
  4. To earn a 25% discount coupon, do both #2 and #3 above.
  5. To earn a 100% discount coupon, get all your friends in on it and cause the video to go "viral".  OK, I'm joking on this one ;-)

To get your coupon, click here to email us at shop@groundstrike.com and tell me what happens to me during course of the video.  Also tell me about your YouTube comment and/or your posting on Facebook.

Considering the coupon could be worth well over $100, that's not too hard, is it?  And hopefully, you might even like my video!  If you do, please let me know in your email!

By the way, royalties from views of the song will go to a good cause: the Harry Chapin Foundation (harrychapinfoundation.org).

The Fine Print -
The discount coupons will be available only for a limited time.  Once a coupon is issued, it will be valid for a minimum of 30 days.  If unused after that time, it will expire with no value.  One coupon per customer or address.  The discount applies to any single Limoges box in our store, but does not apply to items already on sale or on our Bye Buys promotion.  We will apply the coupon to the highest priced item in your order if you order more than one box when you use the coupon.  I can't think of anything else to say so this should do it.


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