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June GroundStrike Collectibles Newsletter

This is the June 2001 edition of the newsletter.  To get the full newsletter each month, sign up now!  Benefits that are reserved exclusively for our newsletter subscribers have been deleted, and are marked in red.

June 26, 2001

Hi Limoges Collectors!

Welcome to the Groundstrike Collectibles newsletter. As always, I apologize if this newsletter is something you'd prefer not to receive.  I've included a link at the bottom of this note that you can use to remove yourself from our mailing list.

Since our last newsletter in March, I've received a lot of mail asking when the next newsletter was coming. Well, I DID promise I would not fill up your email in-box! The truth is I get so much SPAM from companies that call what they're sending a "newsletter" that I haven't wanted to add to this mess. I think a newsletter should contain some NEWS, not just advertisements and come-ons. Companies I formerly respected such as eBay and Buy.com are sending out an avalanche of unsolicited advertisements disguised as "newsletters"!

OK, enough editorializing, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on what a newsletter should be. Now, on to the NEWS!

We recently added a new line of exquisite Limoges boxes to our web store: the Cardinet Collection. This high-end line of Limoges boxes is for the serious collector who wants superb painting and detail as the hallmarks of their collection. Cardinet boxes are based partly on designs attributed to the Duchesse de Rohan - known in 17th century France for her opulent fashions and her magnificent collections of dinnerware, vases and figural boxes - and partly on important 18th century porcelain pieces found in Paris’ prestigious Musée Carnavalet.  We are adding new Cardinet boxes regularly. To find them, use our advanced search tool at:


and search for Cardinet. Be sure to click the button to search "All Descriptions".

We're featuring a wonderful Cardinet box on the home page of our web store right now. It is the Breast Cancer Heart with Ribbon Pin box, a tribute to those whose lives have been changed by breast cancer. A percentage of all sales of this box will be donated for breast cancer research. See the details at:


The name "Rochard" is to Limoges boxes as "Cadillac" is to cars.  Rochard is one of the best known and respected companies in the Limoges business. They produce some of the finest Limoges boxes and present them in outstanding gift boxes. We have recently added the Rochard line to our web store due to continued customer demand:


Our stock is growing, and remember, we can special order ANY Rochard box that is in current production, so if you don't see the box you want, email us at order@groundstrike.com !

Our "Limoges Lovers" - our very best customers who have spent $1000 or more with us - will now be members for life! We've improved our membership rules to make it better for our customers (and easier for us to administer!). If the cumulative total of your purchases goes over $1000, we will make you a "Limoges Lover" for life. Among other benefits, this entitles you to a 10% discount on every purchase (except price-matched or specially marked boxes). See our Limoges Lovers web page at:


We are in the process of identifying our Limoges Lover customers that we haven't yet notified. If you feel we've overlooked you, by all means email us and we will be happy to total up your past purchases.

We're in Austin, Texas, and one of the facts of doing business is that we have to charge Texas residents 7.25% sales tax. This means our fellow Texans who suffer the hot Texas summers with us have to pay more than our customers from any other state! That doesn't seem fair, does it? So we're going to give them a break for a month... from now through the end of July, we're going to pay the sales tax on Texas sales! See the details on our web page:


We've got new boxes coming in all the time, so watch our web pages for new boxes every day. We have a web page reserved exclusively for the newsletter readers. It changes each month, but it is where we put our very newest additions to our line. This month's page is:


The newsletter readers get "first crack" at these boxes, some of which we have in very limited quantities. After a few days, we will move these to the regular "new" page, at:


where everyone can see them. This month we're featuring the entire line of Artoria's Endangered Species animals. As of today, we have them all in stock for immediate shipment. Remember there is a "secret" link on our web page [location of secret link deleted; reserved for newsletter subscribers] that you can click to take you to the "secret" page at any time.

The Artoria Endangered Species Collection is a wonderful set of boxes including the giant panda, the great blue whale, the jaguar, and even the dodo bird! As part of their commitment to preservation of endangered species, Artoria will donate 10% of the sales proceeds of this collection to three conservation groups: the Rainforest Foundation, the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Tanzania Wildlife Fund.

Our customers frequently ask us whether a certain box is numbered as part of a limited edition. Sounds like a simple question, right? It's not... and it's something that Limoges collectors should be aware of.  Let me explain...

As you know, Limoges boxes are created by a number of different factories and artists in Limoges, France. Some importers - Artoria, for example - can control the distribution of a Limoges box from concept through production to distribution. If they decide to produce a numbered, limited edition, you can be sure that their production run is limited to the number they chose, and the pieces in that run are truly part of a limited edition. A number like 24/300 (which means the 24th piece in an edition of 300) is meaningful on such a piece - although not necessarily valuable.

Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the "limited edition concept", some importers have created "limited editions" out of thin air. They simply instruct the factory that they buy from to number the pieces in their order. Never mind the fact that the same boxes are sold to other importers, making the total number of boxes produced far greater than the "limited edition number" implies.

It is almost impossible for a retailer to say for certain which boxes are truly limited editions... we pretty much have to trust our importers. In our descriptions of our boxes, we identify those that are marked with edition numbers. However, if we discover that we can get the same box from another importer, we will not call the box a limited edition even if it is numbered.

Every collector wants the lowest number they can get, but in reality a low number has very little intrinsic value. There are exceptions, of course; a box numbered 1 in a true limited edition can be sought after in the secondary market. In general, however, you should never buy a piece that you don't particularly like just to get a low number!

Our newsletter distribution continues to grow. We now have over 2000 subscribers, and we thank you all for referring your Limoges collecting friends to our web store. Remember, we reward referrals - both the refer-er and refer-ee (is that a word?)! When your friend signs up at:


we will credit you both $5.00 towards your next purchase. You can see the full details at:


Congratulations if you're still reading this! You really deserve a gift. Let's start the 4th of July celebration a little early by giving everyone a $10 discount on their first purchase of $100 or more between now and July 4. [instructions for discount deleted, reserved for newsletter subscribers] Your discount will be applied automatically. This discount is good only on orders placed through the online shopping cart and does not apply to phone orders.

We love to hear from you! And if you have any news to share with the Limoges world, we'd love to hear that, too!

That's all for now. Take care, and see you next month. Or sometime in the coming year ;-)

Sam and Susan Juliano
GroundStrike Collectibles

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