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November GroundStrike Collectibles Newsletter

This is the November 2004 edition of the Newsletter.  To get the full newsletter regularly, sign up now!  If you received this newsletter but it appeared to be "scrambled" and unreadable, contact us and we'll correct it.

GroundStrike Collectibles Newsletter
Vol. 5 No. 1
November 2004

Hi Limoges Lovers!
I always seem to start our newsletters with an apology - along the lines of "I apologize that it has been so long since our last newsletter."  Well, nothing's changed so my apology still applies!

There are three different sales mentioned in this newsletter so feel free to skip to the good parts!  But first, some news from the Limoges world...

Goodbye, Disney
The end is looming for a beautiful line of Limoges boxes from Artoria... the Disney Collection.  At one time they were some of the lowest priced licensed Limoges boxes available.  Last year they became unavailable when the license was being renegotiated, and demand during the holidays exceeded the remaining supply.  When Artoria started shipping them again, their prices had risen dramatically... apparently due to increased royalties.  The wholesale price of some boxes rose over $40!

Sadly, the boxes are again unavailable from Artoria and according to a knowledgeable source, it looks like the Disney license will not be renewed.  That's a shame as they are always very popular gifts.

We have restocked most of our Disney boxes but some have already sold out.  Our Mickey Mouse Ears, and our Mickey Conductor boxes are gone.  As I write this, we have at least one of each box on our Disney page at:


but the remaining boxes will go very quickly.  If you are interested in one for the holidays, please place your order or call us toll-free at 888-770-8276 to reserve it.

Goodbye, Faberge
I didn't intend for this newsletter to be depressing!  Unfortunately, another line has been retired at Artoria... the Faberge collection.  We carry two of the best of the line:  the #2088 1st Imperial Egg and the #2200 Lilies of the Valley Egg.  We are down to our last three of each; no doubt they will sell out quickly.

If you haven't seen the Faberge Lilies of the Valley Egg in person, you're missing a treat.  It is a huge box (over 7" tall) so it requires it's own special showcase, but it's worth it.  It is a spectacular representation of the egg created for Czar Nicholas II by Peter Carl Faberge in 1898.

We are sad to see these beautiful boxes go.  Truly the end of an era!

With the Euro at an all time high against the dollar (making imported items more expensive for Americans), this could have been ANOTHER bit of bad news.  But we've got some good news!  We're working to lower many of our prices... our aim is to be the most competitive Limoges box web site on the internet and still provide the best service.  For example, we've just dropped the price of our #1396 Noah's Ark Limoges box from $244.95 to $154.95... a $90 DECREASE!  Check out some examples of our price drops at:


Halloween??? (Sale #1)
The best laid plans... this newsletter was SUPPOSED to come out in early October, so we could announce a number of cute new Halloween Limoges boxes we've added to our line.  Unfortunately we didn't get them photographed in time and so we just now put them on our web site... a good 15 days after Halloween!  Oops!  Our loss is your gain, though.  In addition to announcing the new boxes, we're going to immediately cut their prices by 30 percent!  Through the end of 2004, all boxes (including the brand-new ones) on our Halloween page at:


will be on sale with a 30 percent discount to our newsletter subscribers.  Just put "Halloween Sale" in the "Special Instructions" box of our shopping cart during checkout.  The regular price will be shown, but we'll deduct 30% before we charge your credit card.  There will be no rain checks on this so the discount applies only to our stock on hand.

In addition to the Halloween boxes, we've added new Thanksgiving and Christmas boxes to our line, including a beautiful Cornucopia box that we expect to be very popular.  See the latest boxes to be added at:


We will be adding a number of new boxes each week between now and Christmas, so check back frequently.  We plan to send out Flash! newsletters with each set of additions.

Christmas! (Sale #2)
We still have some stock of the beautiful Rochard Limoges Box Christmas (and Easter) ornaments.  Sadly, they have been retired and we have only a few left of each.  We're going to sell them out by offering a 30 percent discount on the remaining ornaments!  Through the end of 2004, all Rochard Ornaments on our web page at:


will be on sale with a 30 percent discount to our newsletter subscribers.  Just put "Ornament Sale" in the "Special Instructions" box of our shopping cart during checkout.  The regular price will be shown, but we'll deduct 30% before we charge your credit card.  This is a closeout so the discount applies only to our stock on hand.

Personalization in Color!
At one time, our personalization service was a niche business that only a few of our customers took advantage of.  I think there was a feeling that personalizing a Limoges box somehow compromised its integrity and its simplicity as a work of art.

Those days have changed as now a large number of our customers request personalized boxes.  Our printer uses a patented process that has received rave reviews from our customers.  A simple personalization with a name and date can make a Limoges box even more special as a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or holiday gift.

So what's the "news" value of this?  Well, today we're announcing that in addition to "basic black", our personalization now can be done in color!  We can personalize your Limoges box in blue, red, green, or purple printing to complement the Limoges box.

As I reread this, this option sounds rather garish, but trust me, the samples I've seen have been very attractive.  Remember, this is not just printing with a felt-tip pen or paint marker as other dealers offer - this is a computer transfer process.  Best of all, there is no additional charge for color!  See the samples and details on our web site at:


Welcome Sheri!
We've just added a new employee at GroundStrike... Sheri Crow.  She has been working with Limoges boxes for years so she can "talk the talk"!  She'll be here from 9:00 to 5:30 Central Time Monday through Friday, so we'll finally have someone dedicated to answering the phone!

She'll also be helping us get new boxes online more quickly, and comparison-shopping other Limoges box web sites so we can keep our prices competitive.  Call her toll-free at 888-770-8276 and say hello!  She's here to help you.

The "You've Made It to Here" Reward! (Sale #3)
The holidays are approaching quickly and special orders from Rochard may get delayed (as they did last year), so we want to get in our final "Rochard Special Order Sale" of the year.  All Rochard Catalog items ordered between now and midnight Central Time on Thankgiving (Thursday, November 25) will receive a 20% (that's TWENTY percent) discount! To get the discount, just type "Rochard Sale" in the "Special Instructions" box in the shopping cart when you check out. This discount applies only to items in the online Rochard Catalog with item numbers beginning with "RS", and is available only to newsletter subscribers.  These are special orders which means they may take from 2-4 weeks for delivery.  The discount will NOT be shown in the shopping cart or your confirmation email, but will be deducted before we charge your card.

Boy, there were a bunch of other things I wanted to discuss, but I guess I've overstayed my welcome already.  Thanks for being our loyal customer.  We appreciate it!

Sam Juliano
GroundStrike Collectibles
8905 Glenlake Drive
Austin, TX  78730
Toll free: 888-770-8276

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