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Price Match Policy!

For the almost 20 years that GroundStrike Collectibles has been in business, we've respected our dealers' MASP - minimum advertised sales price - meaning that we price our boxes starting at the minimum price our dealers require us to price their boxes.  This keeps our dealers happy, but many retailers don't respect the MASPs, and our boxes become more expensive than those of our competition.

WELL NO LONGER!  If you find a price from an authorized dealer on any Artoria, Chamart, Chanille or Rochard box in stock that is lower than ours, we will BEAT their price and throw in free 3-day shipping!  We're not going to lose any more customers due to price!


  1. Click on all the other Limoges box dealers you find on Google, Bing, or where ever you search.  Find the best price you can from an authorized dealer* of Artoria, Chamart, Chanille, or Rochard branded Limoges boxes.  Verify that the box is in stock.

  2. Copy the "URL" (the line that begins with "http://" in your browser) of the item.

  3. Order the matching item on GroundStrike, ignoring the price shown in your order.  When you check out, type or paste the URL that you copied into the box marked "Personalization text or other special instructions" on the second page of checkout.  Finish checking out to place your order.  Note your credit card will NOT be charged when you check out.

When we receive the order, we will use the URL you sent to find the "price match" price, then we will beat that price and provide free 3-day shipping.  We will send a corrected invoice with your Limoges box.

Since we've been in business here in Austin for almost 20 years, you can trust us to "do the right thing" - that is, we will never charge more for the box than the price in the URL you supply.  If we cannot match the price for any reason, or if we have any difficulty with your order, we will email you to let you know and proceed only after you respond.  We never charge credit cards until we ship your order.

We plan to automate this process as part of our shopping cart, but for the time being, please bear with this manual method.

Please note that we MUST charge sales tax on orders shipped to a Texas address, so this will affect your total price if the competitor would not charge you tax.  By law we cannot eliminate sales tax for shipments in Texas.

*Authorized dealers for Artoria, Chamart, Chanille, and Rochard Limoges boxes do not include eBay, other auction sites, or any wholesale or closeout operations.  The item must be in stock and part of their normal line of business.  The Limoges boxes must be exact matches (although their item numbers may be different).  "Price Match" does not apply to items we already have on sale, our "Bye Buy" items, or boxes to be personalized.

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