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September GroundStrike Collectibles Newsletter

This is the September 2002 edition of the Newsletter.  To get the full newsletter regularly, sign up now!  If you received this newsletter but it appeared to be "scrambled" and unreadable, email us and we'll correct it.

GroundStrike Collectibles Newsletter
Vol. 3 No. 2
September 2002

Hi Limoges Collectors!
This is our first newsletter since April, and as usual, I apologize for not getting this written sooner. We went to France in May to see Limoges boxes, and we've been intending to write about our experiences since then... but simply haven't had the opportunity. This summer has been a busy one at GroundStrike, and we've got a lot of new features in the works that we'll be rolling out over the next several months, so stay tuned.

The Big SALE!
My regular subscribers know that I always save the best for last.  We've got a 10% Off Sale going on at GroundStrike Collectibles right now, but for our newsletter subscribers, it's an even bigger sale... so be sure to read the end of this note for details!

The Entire CATALOG!
We are always working to increase the variety of Limoges boxes we offer to our customers. We stock many boxes from all of the major importers... but we haven't had a way to offer all of the boxes from any given importer. That's all in the past with the introduction of our new Catalogs section of our web store. We've arranged with Rochard to make available every item in their Limoges box catalog! Click here to see their entire catalog, or visit:


We offer 2-3 week delivery for the items in the Rochard catalog that we don't have in stock. In the first few days that we've had the Rochard catalog online, it quickly has become the most popular section of our web store! Do take a look to see the almost-infinite variety of exquisite boxes they have to offer.

Limoges Box Prices In France
One of the experiences we had in France was comparing retail prices of Limoges boxes in Paris with those on our web store. If you want to buy inexpensive pecans, you come to Texas, right? So, does the same rationale hold true for Limoges boxes in Paris?

If the shops where we priced Limoges boxes are any indication, the answer is "NO!" From the low priced boxes to the most expensive, the average prices in the Paris shops were consistently higher than our web store prices... some by a huge margin! Here's some representative prices I noted:

Note that the Paris prices are an average of the prices we saw on boxes similar to those we offer, and that they were priced in Euros. At the time, one dollar was equal to approx. 1.10 Euros. Currently a dollar is equal to approx. 1.03 Euros, so the Paris prices are even higher now relative to US currency. It's no surprise then that we have a number of Limoges box customers in France!

Limoges Box Prices on the Rise (and Fall!)
With the valuation of the Euro rising compared to the dollar, the great deals Americans were getting in Europe are quickly fading away. Unfortunately, this applies to Limoges box importers, too, and we're seeing the prices on many boxes go up. We're trying to hold the line on our prices, however, and will resist as long as we can, but eventually we're bound to see price increases on our boxes. If you're thinking of Limoges boxes as gifts for the holidays, you may save some money by buying them as early as you can.

But here's a pleasant surprise: the prices on a number of our Chamart and Rochard boxes just went DOWN! We can't explain it, but we're happy to pass along the savings. Here's a sample of the recently-reduced boxes:

There are many more reduced prices in our web store; too numerous to list here. Be sure to check the Chamart, Rochard, and Rochard Studio Collection areas to see if a box you're interested in has a new lower price.

Personalization - Faster!
We have worked with our personalization printer to improve the turnaround time to have our Limoges boxes personalized with text and/or photographs. He now can do most personalizations in one day, and can even provide same-day service on many Express orders. We've had a number of requests for personalization this summer. One that we particularly enjoyed doing was a photograph of a couple coming out of their wedding chapel - 60 years ago - applied to a "Will you marry me?" Limoges box! This was to be a 60th anniversary present and it came out looking beautiful.  What a wonderful way to celebrate such a special occasion!  We're going to add some pictures of our favorite personalizations to our web store in the next few weeks, so keep watching.

New Newsletter Feature
Our next newsletter will feature some of the great email we get from our customers! We have some serious collectors who have shared their Limoges box experiences with us, and we want to pass them along. If you have anything you'd like to say to our newsletter subscribers (now over 3000 strong!) please email us with your thoughts. Pssst: we'll make it worth your while!

To Our AOL Customers
AOL recently changed something with their service that has been causing problems with our web shopping cart. If a "shopping cart empty" message appears (instead of a page with your order summary) after you've submitted an order, you're experiencing the problem. Rest assured that your order did get through to us, so there's no need to resubmit your order. Our tech guys are working to fix the problem but it only occurs sometimes to some AOL customers - and we don't know why yet!

The "You've Made It to Here" Reward!
For those of you that made it to here, here’s the “You Made It to Here” reward!  Starting now, we have a 10% sale going on at GroundStrike, but you will get a FIFTEEN percent (15%) discount on all purchases if you use the code sept (in all lower case) in our shopping cart where it asks “Enter gift certificate number, then click Apply”. No other discounts apply, and it is not valid on items that are already on sale, but the code IS transferable, reusable until expiration, and does apply to all special orders.  This sale will run (at least) through Sunday, Sept. 22, so click over to our web store and get started now!

Thank you for being our loyal customer! Take care.

Sam and Susan Juliano
GroundStrike Collectibles

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